Finding Dangerous Hardcoded Secrets You Didn’t Know Existed in Your SDLC

We have seen numerous headlines about the damage caused by hardcoding secrets in code. To combat this pervasive risk, security teams are turning to code scanners that look for secrets but soon realize that their visibility into all the places hardcoded secrets can be lurking is incomplete and outdated.   

Join us as we discuss practical methods you can use to prevent software supply chain attacks and reduce the damage caused by hardcoded secrets. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • New techniques attackers are using to harvest your hardcoded secrets
  • Why accurate visibility into your development pipelines, beyond just source code, is paramount to the success of secret scanning programs
  • How to scale secret scanning initiatives to effectively support thousands of developers
Resource Library - Finding Dangerous Hardcoded Secrets You Dont Know Exist In Your SDLC V1

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Why Legit Security
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