Overcoming the Challenge of Protecting Secrets in the SDLC

Did you know that 12 live secrets are submitted per 100 code repositories every week? Secrets are a substantial and pervasive threat to your organization that can be difficult to detect and remediate.

Breaches like Toyota, CodeCov and Uber are stark reminders of the risk that secrets pose. In each of these cases, a hacker gained access to sensitive information or “secrets” in a code repository.

Read our whitepaper to learn: 

  •  What secrets are and how they become embedded in code repositories and across your SDLC. 
  • How to address the problem of detecting and preventing secrets at scale.
  • What to look for in a scanning tool, including features such as the ability to scan your entire SDLC, and risk correlation.

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Why Legit Security
Make Your Software Factory Secure And Tamper-Proof

“We’re now able to inventory all our SDLC systems and security tools, view developer activity, and detect and remediate vulnerabilities across them fast.”

Head of DevSecOps

Pharmaceutical Company

“Legit helps us secure our CI/CD pipelines including tracking the security posture of our different teams and workspaces, addressing SDLC configuration drifts, and helping us apply security resources where it can help us most.”

VP of Security

Online Auction Marketplace

“Legit Security’s platform visualizes and analyzes our software pipelines quickly to help ensure security compliance with regulatory frameworks, as well as the unique compliance requirements of some of our large financial services partners.”

Principal Engineer

Financial Services

“Legit is providing us with visibility across the entire supply chain, which helps us minimize risk and raise analyst productivity.”

Deputy Chief Information Security Officer

Enterprise Software Vendor

"Using Legit we immediately got a very clear status of the security posture in our pipelines, and saw where we needed to focus to improve our security."

IT Security Lead

Financial Services

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