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Legit provides security and comprehensive visibility into risks across the software development pipeline from the infrastructure to the application layer. With a crystal-clear view of the development lifecycle, customers ensure deployed code is traceable, secure, and compliant.


With Legit, you can:

  • Streamline application vulnerability management by correlating and  prioritizing the most critical areas of remediation.
  • Ensure continuous compliance with global security frameworks and mandates, such as SSDF, SLSA, FedRAMP, SOC2 and PCI DSS, and support CISA attestation.
  • Detect and remediate secrets across the entire developer environment – not just hard-coded secrets and source code.
  • Discover AI-generated code and enforce policies to ensure developers’ use of AI does not create security risks.
  • Secure the software supply chain by automating SDLC discovery, identifying key security risks, and enforcing security policies.


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