Why Visibility is Key to AppSec Efficacy

The SDLC has grown more complex and so has the job of securing it. Yet, despite efforts build an AppSec program that delivers holistic, secure software delivery, organizations are instead seeing a rise in software supply chain attacks, a proliferation of secrets across their development environment and a vulnerability backlog that hinders security.

In this webinar you will learn how Legit Security:

  • Provides holistic visibility, including a full inventory of your dev assets, pipeline traceability and GenAI discovery.
  • Hardens your SDLC with powerful secrets scanning and a focus on CI/CD risk identification.
  • Delivers on the promise of ASPM by allowing you to integrate toolsets and understand risk holistically across your environment.
  • Allows you to demonstrate compliance with enterprise-wide risk report and real-time compliance gap-assessment.
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